Finding the right tiling company for your tiling project can be a pretty difficult task. The words needle and haystack quickly spring to the mind of homeowners. As with all building trades, tiling is a fine art and skilled job which needs to ensure that your Sydney tiler is up to scratch. 

After all, there’s no point splashing out on those lovely tiles for your tiled floor if they end up looking like a mess. They’ll need to be replaced – which is a messy job and can eat a lot of money. When we already know tiling is a huge undertaking, there’s a need to ensure we’re handling the project in the right hands. But the question is how do we know they’re the right persons to trust? 

Don’t worry even if you’re vague! I am here to give solutions that can help you draw up your shortlist.

Do your homework

Tiling is a job that involves skill level, Mastery, patience, and technical process, especially in moisture-prone areas. Doing strong research from your end for finding a qualified tiler can save you from headaches down the track.

Check their online footprints

In recent times, a website can give lots of insight about the tilers, so if you want some quality work then spend quality time on their website. Check their ratings, services, showcase, previous projects, if everything seems perfect to you then you can jump to the next stage.

There’re also online platforms like MyBuilder, Checkatrade, etc where you can check out their ratings, prices and verified and unbiased reviews from customers. These reviews and ratings will help you gauge the quality of the vetted team and draw a conclusion.

Social media and forums

Talking of online presence, social media is embraced by almost all business owners and actually, it’s a brilliant platform to check their credibility, talent, skills and prowess. So while deciding on, go through the social media presence of all the tilers you’ve shortlisted – tilers usually post the examples of their work on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, etc.

Those who have held the hand of social presence tend to post pictures and videos of their works and have followers. You can also go through the comments to see if that particular tiler is of a high standard or not. If they’re constantly making an effort to maintain their online existence, they are probably worth considering.

Go for personal recommendations

A pillar of all sales books since forever is the importance of word of mouth and referrals. No doubt we tend to follow and trust the advice from friends and family more than anything. The same follows for choosing the right tilers in Sydney for your home.

So it’s a good idea to contact your friends and family whose tiling job you absolutely adore. Ask for their referrals and go with the one you find the best for your tiling project.

However, it’s not necessarily that you can blindly trust the recommendations. Even after recommendations, you should carry out proper research.

Get a Quote

Once you’ve narrowed down your search for the best tilers in Sydney then it’s time to compare their prices. Ask for the quotes of the top selected tilers and compare their prices and services. Choose the one which perfectly fits your needs and budget. However, don’t just go with the one with the lowest quote, rather choose the options which are good in all aspects and who you’re most confident about. More of all who you think can match the standard of quality your home calls for.

While shortlisting try selecting more than 3 or 4 best tilers of your area for better comparison and choices.

Check their testimonials

Testimonials are a great way to check their efficiency and standards. So, this is something that never should be ignored during the selection process. Therefore always check for what their previous clients have to say and how good that company is at providing customer satisfaction. If the positive reviews weigh more, then you can consider putting them up on the list.

Question to ask

What is covered in the quote?

Nobody likes being stung with extra charges, hence it becomes important to ensure what you’re getting on the money before they start working. Ask if there are any changes, you’ll be needed to supply the materials or if the quote includes the tax, etc.

How long is the project expected to take?

Tiling jobs compel quite a lot of time; for good workmanship, time shall never be priorities more than quality. However, you should still ask for the time frame.

When can they start?

Good tilers in Sydney are often high in demand so it becomes important to know how long they might take to start your project.

If your house needs high-quality craftsmanship then our exceptional tilers in Sydney are ready to dwell. We guarantee we won’t disappoint!

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