For a gorgeous looking home, a well-furnished tiling job is required and an even more important task is to choose the best tile option for your bathroom when there are countless options, ranging from different sizes and shapes to different colours. Bathroom tiling can make the space look fresh all day round, keeping its hygiene and presenting itself always ready to welcome guests. After all, nothing can be a big turn off than an unclean or dingy bathroom.

In this blog post, we will help you focus on the type of bathroom tiling that you think is best for you. 

1. The Style

While selecting the best tile for your bathroom, it is necessary to understand the type of mood or image you want for your bathroom. This could greatly depend on the general style of your home. If you have a home with modern fittings and interior, you might want to choose a more resembling option too so that the style and ambience flows all the way to the bathroom. Sometimes, a contrast output might also work wonders for you if you want to make standout feature.

2. The type of Tiles

There are a variety of sizes available when it comes to bathroom tilings. However, there is one thing that you need to keep in mind when you work on small bathrooms is to never use large tiles as they make the bathroom look much smaller than it already is. The key to choosing the best size is to examine the size of the bathroom and the style you want to go with. Smaller tiles make small size bathrooms look more appealing and clean. The only downside of small tiling is that you may have to spend more time and effort actually tiling, but the end result will definitely be worth it.

There are also a lot of types of bathroom tiles that you may consider choosing from. We have ceramic tiles, which are the most commonly used options, porcelain tiles, which are made from the more refined material and also Terrazzo, which is a blend of natural stone chips and cement, among many other options available for you to choose from. Selecting the best one is just a matter of taste. All you need to do is analyse which bathroom tiling suits with your idea and imagination and simply go for it.  

3. Colour of Bathroom Tiles

Which colour do we choose? A light rich one or a darker colour that could be kept clean always? This is a question you might ask your bathroom tiler many times before choosing the right one. At the end of the day, your chosen colour should be determined by the end user. If you are a family with small kids, then you might wanna avoid a lighter shade so as to ensure that the bathroom does not look unclean all the time. On the other hand, if you have a family with older members, or you don’t have children, then a lighter, brighter colour with a more style-conscious colour scheme can be employed. 

4. The Cost

While planning, there is one factor that has to be considered before deciding anything. It is the cost of tiling the bathroom which mainly depends on the size of the surface on which bathroom tiling is to be initiated. For example, If you are planning a floor-to-wall bathroom tiling, then you have to spend more, while, on the other hand, if you are planning to tile only some parts of the bathroom then it may cost you a considerably low price. Your bathroom tilers can also help you analyse the total cost and help you make a sound decision for your home. 

5. The Person In-charge 

To make your bathroom always presentable and attractive, it’s imperative to put in enough effort when choosing the perfect bathroom tiler for your bathroom and to make the tiling craftsmanship be seen and appreciated in the finished look of the bathroom. 

This is definitely not a do-it-yourself job. Tiling is not a job you can do roughly and trust it will come out shining. A professional help is a requirement here that you should not ignore. 

Our team of bathroom tilers in NSW are exceptionally skilled in bringing efficiency to every tiling job. And precision in getting lined with your bathroom tiles is what everyone is after. Keeping our customers’ satisfaction on the top of our priorities list, we strive to deliver a bathroom space that absolutely gives a stunning vibe. Our bathroom tilers absolutely realise the significance of a precisely lined bathroom tiling for heightening the aesthetic of the Interior decor of the space, hence we take good care of it and don’t rest until we do a remarkable job. 

With the help of our professional Bathroom Tilers, we undertake the tile installation job with a pledge of making a bathroom that you will want to fall in love with. If you are looking for a bathroom tiler in Sydney, give us a call today at https://tilingnsw.com.au